RoseStreet Labs & Sumitomo Chemical have announced a Joint Venture for Full Spectrum Solar Cells.  

RoseStreet Labs (RSL) was founded with the vision to commercialize breakthrough intellectual property that promises to improve quality of life. Since its founding, RSL has ventured into products and services in the life sciences, sensors and renewable energy markets, and has licensed or acquired more than 40 patents. By leveraging its founder’s backgrounds in advanced material science, semiconductors, and sensors, RSL continues to move forward with a unique set of skills in transforming R&D prototypes, ideas and concepts into viable high volume product lines.

FlipChip International
RSL's FlipChip International is the global leader in merchant flip chip bumping and wafer level packaging to the semiconductor industry. FlipChip website  
RSL Diagnostics RSL is developing point-of-care biomarker sensors for urgent care and early detection of diseases.  
RoseStreet Research RoseStreet Research (RSR) provides contract thermal and chemical analysis through their Chemical R&D Lab in Phoenix, Arizona.
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