RSL Diagnostics

A Letter from the CEO

RoseStreet Lab's vision is to continually improve the quality of life through innovative technologies and products. We are fortunate to be situated in a fast-paced world environment that is seeking breakthrough products that can be commercialized.

Our team at RSL is seasoned in transitioning intellectual property and disruptive ideas from the laboratory into high volume manufacturing. We are very excited about RSL's future--especially with respect to our growing relationships with a wide range of entrepreneurs and universities. Our first commercialization business, FlipChip International, has grown 33% and 32% in top line revenue in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The companies and products that we are incubating are receiving exceptional interest in their potential. In addition, our companies are pursuing green initiatives to improve and preserve our environment such as our carbon neutral photovoltaics and our lead free semiconductor packaging products.

We are very selective in the partners we collaborate with and the universities we align with. We believe that the only true path to commercialization is to assemble the finest management and scientists in the world and join these resources with outstanding technology that can be commercialized. Our principals and staff are well versed in commercializing technology and we are excited about the future.

Bob Forcier President & CEO

Copyright 2006, RoseStreet Laboratories, LLC.

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