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Spheron WLP" technology for performance memory and RF applications

Flip Chip Technology Comparison

Discover the many benefits of our lead-free solder alloys

The Flip Chip Revolution

According to TechSearch International Inc., the market for solder bump devices, including wafer level packages, will approach 10 billion units in 2005. The accelerating growth of flip chip technology, coupled with the growth of chip size packages, drives the need for increased contract bumping services.

Experience the Flip Chip Advantage

From wafer bumping services, technology licensing, and stud bumping equipment to innovations in copper and low-k dielectric FlipChip International offers complete flip chip solutions for IC manufacturers, subcontract IC assemblers and end-product providers. FCI is the market leader in solder wafer bumping and intellectual property, and is positioned to continue providing leading-edge solutions for a full range of flip chip applications.

As the flip chip technology leader, we deliver proven bumping technology for applications requiring higher performance, reduced form-factor and greater density than those obtainable through traditional surface mount technologies. Our customers have access to all the services and expertise to use flip chips successfully from design through implementation to final product. Many companies have chosen to license our ultraCSP® and Wafer Level Packaging processes. Incorporating our standard-setting technology into their applications enables our customers to achieve their flip chip processing goals today and into the future.

Taking technology further

FCI continues to innovate with flexible solutions for 300mm wafer processing, bumping on copper, interconnect, low k dielectric, RF communications memory, integrated passive devices, and more.

Ultra CSP® photo courtesy of Philips Semiconductors

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