RSL is developing a multi-platform product portfolio to address the growing epidemic of Obesity and Obesity related diseases. The commercialization of these products utilizes a unique bio-sensing technology acquired from Dow Global Ventures, a division of Dow Chemical.

The Biosensor is specific to the breath biomarker, acetone, which is expelled from an individual's breath during fat burning (ketosis) and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in Type I, II and Gestational Diabetics. RSL's first product will be an over-the-counter Health & Wellness product called the LifeStyle(tm) Monitor (LSM). This easy to use, low cost hand held device will provide rapid feedback on fat burn to individuals on a weight management program.

This product avoids the pitfalls of the common bathroom scale by removing the effects of fluid retention, which often times discourage the dieters. The LSM is targeted for market introduction in early 2008 through RSL's planned subsidiary, Kemeta.

LifeStyle Monitor(tm)

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