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Wafer Bumping Services

Flip Chip International's solder bump interconnect structure enables advanced electronic packaging solutions such as flip chip-on-boardlaminate, flex, or ceramic; flip chip-in-package (BGAs and CSPs); and wafer level chip size packages.

Our customers are the worldwide merchant semiconductor manufacturers, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), wafer foundaries and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for a variety of applications.

wafer bump arrayWe offer three basic service levels:

Standard Flip Chip Wafer Bumping Service

FOC Flex-on-Cap datasheet

For products with typically higher I/O demands, we offer flip chip wafer bumping. Our FOC flip chip bumping process uses a highly reliable reflowable solder bump technology that is ideal for products in high volume production. Competitive with electroplated solder bumping and a cost alternative to evaporated (C4) bumping, we provide a cost-effective bumping process solution.

Flip Chip International 's Bumping Capabilities
      Production     Prototype
Wafer sizes
Up to 200mm 300mm
Minimum pitch peripheral (µm) 125 100
Minimum pitch array (µm) 150 140
UBM Al-NiV-Cu Ti-NiV-Cu
Solder alloys 37Pb/63Sn
Low Alpha
Ultra Low Alpha
Improved Electromigration
Input/output counts >5000
Production capacity 10,000 wafers/week  

Our redistribution process lets you move I/O pads from the perimeter footprint to an area array. You can transition a wire-bond design to a flip chip design without having to redesign the die.

Wafer-Level Packaging
Take a closer look at Ultra CSP®, the industry standard wafer level process, see how the Polymer Collar™ Wafer Level Package protects large array devices, and discover Spheron WLP™, the ideal choice for high performance ICs.

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